What We Do

Gotham Cannabis Associates (GCA) provides independent, comprehensive due diligence reports on the business and compliance status of innovative cannabis companies, prepared to the exacting standards expected by the investment and finance communities.

It is hard to say which is more opaque: The cannabis industry or the investment community. GCA can illuminate both.


If you are an investor looking to invest in the fast-growing and ever-changing cannabis industry, you should be aware of the legal and practical challenges you may be facing. If you are a cannabis company looking for investors, you should not underestimate the intense scrutiny that accompanies a capital raise.

We know both the questions investors need to ask when evaluating a cannabis investment and the answers cannabis companies need to be prepared to provide.

A GCA Report spotlights every aspect of a cannabis company and its business, bridging the gap between the narrow focus of regulatory compliance products and the one-size-fits-all lens of traditional corporate due diligence products.