Welcome to Gotham Cannabis Advisor

Our Insights page is the home of Gotham Cannabis Advisor (the "Advisor"), which is a collection of original thought leadership pieces and hand-picked articles from respected sources about all things related to the business and investment side of the legal cannabis industry.

At GCA, our focus is on cannabis investors and cannabis companies. The Advisor will mirror that focus, with informational articles directed at investors, both new and experienced in the cannabis space, and cannabis companies at all stages, from start-up to industry leader.

For investors, this includes general information about the legal cannabis industry, and the types of diligence needed before investing in a cannabis company. For cannabis companies, this includes how to comply with the complex and constantly changing state and local regulations, and how to best prepare yourself for capital raise opportunities and potential business partnerships.

We will use this blog to share our knowledge with you to help you in your business ventures in the legal cannabis industry. Our goal is to provide you with industry information and practical tips that you can use.

There is money to be made in this growing and potentially multi-billion dollar industry. Don’t let the lack of information, or especially the lack of access to quality information, hinder investment and capital-raising opportunities, or lead to a bad investment.



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