GCA Report

A GCA Report investigates every aspect of the target company, from the macro (such as its corporate structure, business plan, and tax strategies) to the micro (including what size font the company uses for disclaimers on its packaging, or where the company obtains its water). We prepare our reports based on information we gather from site visits to the company and our own research using independent sources of data and documentation.


✓ Report Highlights

We have created our Report with the end-user in mind.  We make it easy to quickly navigate through the Report.

  • Red side bar makes finding issues easy
  • Each topic clearly marked either "Issues Found" or "No Issues"
  • Red text on the page identifies each issue

✓ Executive Summary

GCA Reports are formatted for maximum readability and ease of reference, with an executive summary highlighting any areas of concern. The executive summary hyperlinks to other sections of the report organized by topic. We also include a separate business summary that provides in-depth information about the target, its business, and operations.


✓ Topic Summaries

A GCA Report includes concise topic summaries that describe why a particular area is of importance.  Not only do we provide raw data—we provide explanations and context as well.

✓ Regulatory and Compliance Topics

Our Reports look particularly closely at legal and regulatory issues at both the state and local levels, such as licensing, waste disposal, advertising and marketing, and site location.

✓ Endnotes

The GCA Report includes endnotes with citations to relevant state laws and regulations, which increases efficiency and ease of use for legal counsel or other third-party consultants.


✓ Practical and Business Topics

We cover other topics that are not necessarily governed by cannabis regulations, including corporate structure and indebtedness, leasing and other real property issues, and cash management.

✓ Not Just Compliance

We review business documents and agreements in the company's files and detail the important cannabis related items.


For more information or to order a GCA Report, contact us.