For Investors

There's no better way than a GCA Report to understand the unique challenges that face a cannabis company you're targeting for investment. The GCA Report not only gives you a complete snapshot of the company, but our topic summaries provide additional context to help you evaluate the issues involved. 

A GCA Report addresses issues that affect your investment such as:

  • Regulatory requirements for indirect equity owners.
  • Unusual tax strategies employed in the industry.
  • The obstacles to accessing banking and financial services.

Use the GCA Report as a "quality of operations" report when evaluating an investment--we've tailored the GCA Report to an investor's specific needs.  As former corporate attorneys, we know the topics investors want to review beyond simple licensing and compliance.

Excerpts of the GCA Report can be found here. To learn more about how a GCA Report helps answer common questions that new and experienced investors may have, visit our FAQ page.

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